Eng. Salman

Eng. Salman

Lecturer at Signals View

About the lecturer

♦️Salman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Alexandria University, and traveled to complete his studies in Canada, where he obtained the technical, legal and ethical engineering equivalency and became a member of the Canadian Engineers Association.

♦️ Salman entered the world of trading as a trader in 2008 in light of the mortgage crisis, and started with software, where he specialized in designing trading programs.

♦️ Then he delved into the schools of classical technical analysis, Elliott, Harmonic and others, but things were not completely clear, so he delved into fundamental analysis and the movements of the US Federal Reserve and the major central banks, then he delved into the financial analysis of companies.

♦️ Salman specializes in indices, American stocks, gold, and oil. He worked as an analyst and lecturer in trading companies such as HFM, and now lectures at XM. Salman also participates in television interviews to talk about indices and gold.

♦️ Salman came up with a summary of his experiences with a group of trading courses, to guide the investor to the right path, so he presented a summary of his experiences in an easy and interesting manner, and this method won the admiration of investors.